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A message from our President - Tracy Rohl

It is my absolute pleasure and honour to serve as the 2019 IEA President and I couldn’t be happier to welcome the entire IEA Family to Edmonton, Alberta Canada for the annual IEA Conference - Make it Personal. We aim to show some great Canadian Hospitality while “Making it Personal”. With a focus on Self, Business and Family sessions and speakers, Edmonton will showcase our lovely Northern Backdrop and invigorate attendees with insightful and helpful sessions that you can USE in your everyday life.

IEA February 2017 Ambassador Message

The IEA Board of Directors and committee chairs are volunteers and we are in need of more committee members to further the mission and vision of IEA.

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IEA Annual Leadership Conference 2016 Wrap-Up

A big thanks to the Executives Association of San Francisco for hosting this year's annual IEA Leadership Conference and letting us help you celebrate your 100 year milestone birthday.

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IEA Seeking Board Of Directors Candidates

IEA Board members are volunteers and are committed to furthering the vision and mission of the IEA.

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How to Benefit from your IEA Membership

There is a lot to benefit from with your IEA Membership. Take a look at this article to find out some of the great things that come along with being an IEA member.

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Harnessing The Power Of The IEA Sphere Of Influence

The IEA Board has heard from a number of member associations that their number one initiative for 2016, is to grow their membership.

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