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Harnessing The Power Of The IEA Sphere Of Influence

The IEA Board has heard from a number of member associations that their number one initiative for 2016, is to grow their membership.

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Your Invitation of Join an IEA Committee

The IEA Board of Directors would like to invite you to join an IEA committee.  We need your help to further the vision and mission of the IEA which benefits us all. The IEA Board of Directors and committee chairs are volunteers and we are in need of more committee members that share our passion and dedication for realizing the full potential of  the IEA. We would like all IEA executive associations to have a voice in IEA and joining a committee is your voice.

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Did you know that your association and you are members of the IEA?

The IEA (International Executives Association) was formed in 1996 as the headquarters for Executives Associations worldwide. The IEA board of directors are volunteers and the board is made up of 16 voting members. Representatives are elected from 3 regions; west, central, east and 2 members at large, appointed.

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