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A message from our President - James Keichinger

It is my absolute pleasure and honour to serve as the 2023-2024 IEA President and I couldn’t be happier to welcome the entire IEA Family to Las Vegas, Nevada for the annual IEA Conference. We aim to provide an amazing time for everyone attending. With a focus on Association Growth, Business and Personal development sessions and speakers, Las Vegas will be a great host to accommodate our annual conference and invigorate attendees with insightful and helpful sessions that you can USE in your everyday life.

IEA July 2019 Ambassador Message

The June Webinar was a big success!   Join us in July for the second webinar of our summer series titled, Use Your Own Social Media to Elevate Your Impact and Bring in Business, hosted by Julie Couret.  As an IEA member you can attend for free.

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IEA May 2019 Ambassador Message

The new IEA webinar series kicks off in June.  Connect and learn with monthly virtual programming.  These webinars could cost upwards of hundreds of dollars but as an IEA member you can attend for free.     

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IEA March 2019 Ambassador Message

Are you an expert in a topic that would be of interest to the IEA membership?

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IEA February 2019 Ambassador Message

The Zoom video conference call on February 27th featured a walk-through of the IEA website and the features available to you as an IEA member.

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IEA January 2019 Ambassador Message

IEA Zoom Video and Audio Conference Calls

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IEA November 2018 Ambassador Message

Are you interested in affiliating your company or know of a company that would be interested in exploring an IEA corporate sponsorship? 

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