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Who is IEA?

iea logo iconMission

To foster the growth of Executive Association businesses by connecting them to a trusted international network of contacts.


The vision for IEA is to be the world’s #1 leading resource for connecting member businesses.


IEA has a long history of uniting business leaders, empowering professionals and fostering profitable relationships. The first Executives Association began in 1916 in San Francisco with the purpose of creating an elite business networking organization to share confidential business leads and information among member firms.

Since 1916, Executive Associations have spread from city to city, started by successful business men and women sharing industry news with others and seeking new ways to gain an edge on their competition. Executive Associations now operate in major cities throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in England, Switzerland, South Africa and beyond.

Although the first Directors Conference was held in 1937, it was not until 1996 during the Annual Conference in Akron, Ohio that a vote was taken to formalize a way for members to expand beyond their local chapters. In response, the International Executives Association was born.

By 2014 there were over 50 dues paying IEA Chapter members representing 3000 firms around the world.

Today, there are over 110 official Executive Associations across the globe, establishing the prestigious Executive Association web which represents over 5,000 Member Firms. 

Board of Directors

Executive Board of Directors

Tracy Rohl, President
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Pub/Nightclub

James Keichinger, Vice President
Calgary, Alberta -  Web Development - Business Software

Eric Speier, Treasurer
Long Beach, California -  Website Design

John Bryan, Secretary
Akron Ohio - LED Lighting

Lisa WoodstockPast President
Seattle, Washington -  On-Hold-Concepts

Betty AdamsManaging Director
Edmonton, Alberta


Regional Directors


Cheryl Samilio-Meyer, Buffalo

David Blotnick, Palm Beaches

Valerie Staggs, Palm Beaches

Lisa Jordan, Charlotte


James Keichinger, Calgary

Tracy Rohl, Edmonton

Julie Couret, New Orleans

Dale Sprague, Las Vegas


Lisa Woodstock, Seattle

Todd Crawshaw, San Francisco

Eric Speier, Long Beach

Eric Haug, Edmonton

Peter Seymour, Honolulu

* vacant

At Large

John Bryan, Akron

Dominic Rizzo, Akron


If any IEA member is interested in joining any of the committees, please email the IEA Executive Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about your interest.

Membership Recruitment

This committee works on recruiting prospective associations from around the world.


  • Eric Haug, Edmonton
  • Glenn Younger, San Diego
  • John Bryan, Akron
  • Renee Moffat, Ft. Lauderdale


This committee works on marketing the value of IEA to our members to include assisting the Membership Recruitment Committee, and marketing the new programs that will be launched from the findings of the Non-Dues Revenue Generating Committee.


  • Gary LaFleur, Edmonton
  • Tracy Rohl, Edmonton
  • Valerie Staggs, Palm Beaches
  • Clayton Blount, Charlotte
  • James Keichinger, Calgary

Networking Committee

This committee handles the quarterly regional conference calls and will be exploring adding additional video/audio meetings on other topics of interest to our membership. They are also working on gathering video testimonials as well as exploring additional ideas for networking between members.


  • Dominic Rizzo, Akron
  • Lisa Woodstock, Seattle
  • Gary LaFleur, Edmonton
  • Glenn Younger, San Diego

Technology Committee

This committee works on our various website and social media initiatives.


  • James Keichinger, Calgary
  • David Blotnick, Palm Beaches
  • Eric Speier, Long Beach

Non-Dues Revenue Generating Committee

This committee will be exploring ideas for new value-added offerings for IEA members.


  • Mike Kelly, Sonoma County
  • David Blotnick, Palm Beaches
  • John Bryan, Akron
  • Marianne Rogers, Worcester