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Member Benefits

IEA takes your networking to a global level. It connects you directly to a worldwide network of owners, executives and key decision makers who represent the highest standards of products, services and professionalism across the globe. Like your local EA membership, the IEA fosters relationships, commonality, business problem solving, mentorship and advice – on an international scale.

  • Reach out to businesses in non-competing markets for insight and fellowship
  • Grow your circle of influence and form relationships in other cities
  • Discover new opportunities. Receive referrals from across the continent
  • Gain insight on association management challenges and situations

As an IEA Member

  • Broaden your horizons and extend the reach of your online presence for a minimal cost of $1.50 per member firm, per month.
  • Source top of the line businesses for your professional and personal needs while travelling or if you move or relocate.
  • Receive timely information through the IEA newsletter that equips you with elite strategies for marketing, efficiency, legal issues and chapter administration.

Local Member Firms

  • Receive special EA discounted pricing on hotels, car rentals, and other services from fellow IEA member firms
  • Attend EA meetings in other cities and expand your network beyond your local borders
  • Find reliable sources globally for both personal and professional needs when you travel, including legal, economic, and medical help or even just discovering the best places to visit during your stay.
  • Exchange business leads or seek counsel with 1000’s of other industry leaders.
  • Firms belonging to IEA are featured on the IEA’s company directory and can be found by searching via classification and/or city with direct links to your company’s contact information.

Associations & Their Boards

  • Only IEA Member Associations are featured on the IEA website, doubling the power of your online presence, marketing and advertising.
  • IEA Member Associations receive discounted pricing on registration to the Annual International Conference.
  • Get Board training and support from other experienced and established Boards
  • Gain access to best practices on governance, recruiting and association improvement

Executive Directors

  • IEA Member Associations receive bi-monthly updates with resources to support your members, boards and directors.
  • The IEA forum centralizes EA ideas, information and activities
  • Timely information exchange is provided to support your members
  • Experienced leadership and access to resources on any issue are consistently available