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Board of Directors

Executive Board of Directors

Lisa WoodstockPresident
Seattle, Washington, On-Hold-Concepts

Tracy Rohl, Vice President
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Pub/Nightclub

Cheryl Samilio-Meyer, Secretary
Buffalo, Executive Director

Mike KellyTreasurer
Sonoma County, California, Realtor

Betty AdamsManaging Director
Edmonton, Alberta

Connie Finley, Past President
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Executive Director

Regional Directors


Connie Finley, Ft. Lauderdale

Cheryl Samilio-Meyer, Buffalo

David Blotnick, Palm Beaches

Valerie Staggs, Palm Beaches


Clayton Blount, Charlotte

Gary LaFleur, Edmonton

James Keichinger, Calgary

Tracy Rohl, Edmonton


Glenn Younger, San Diego

Mike Kelly, Sonoma County

Lisa Woodstock, Seattle

Patrick Domingo, San Francisco

Eric Speier, Long Beach

Dominic Rizzo, Akron

At Large

John Bryan, Akron

Eric Haug, Edmonton