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Membership in an Executives Association is limited to businesses represented by an owner, key executive or decision-maker and each business category is owned exclusively by one member.

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By design, each business classification is protected, making competition between members non-existent and providing you with a distinct advantage to promote and market your business to a select executive sales team.

Your Executive Association team provides you with business leads and referrals, in addition to ideas and timely information not yet released to the public, giving you the edge over the competition.

Join the IEA by contacting the Executives Association in or near your area.

The EA Director will confirm if your business category is available. If you are eligible, the firm applying for membership:

  • Must qualify as a business or professional firm including sole productive business activity
  • Must be of excellent business reputation within the community
  • Must be sponsored by another Member Firm who is in good standing in an Executives Association

Most Executives Associations meet weekly throughout the year. The business applying for membership must designate one qualified representative to attend meetings and must possess an executive position within the business.