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Here are offers that companies are currently promoting. Please message the contact for more information.

Company Name
Independent Executive Director, Thirty One Gifts
For every $40 you spend as a customer, there is a monthly special. Please contact me directly for details.
Native Merchants Services
Free rate review
ChicFlicks Video Marketing
Chicflicks Video Marketing helps your business grow by providing a wide range of video support: animated, live action, marketing strategies and Do-it-yourself support. All members receive a free 30-minute video consultation.
Interstate Battery System of LV
10% Off Battery Purchase
Ottawa Flowers Inc
10% Off all Products/Services for all Members.
Animal Medical Center of Jupiter
All new clients receive a complimentary comprehensive exam.
Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing Inc
Contact Blue Ocean Interactive today to get started on your next project! Get the first year of web hosting free when you start any new website project.
PC Database Solutions
We offer a no-charge initial consultation via GoToMeeting. We will review your current database (if you have one), and your business needs. Usually we can quickly determine if you would benefit from a custom solution.
CSI: Palm Beach
10% Execs discount
Tradewater Natural Products
Receive 25% Off your first order from Tradewater, LLC. For the month of October we are offering Executive Association Members 25% off. Use Coupon Code "Execs".
J-n-K Services Inc.
Having an event in the Los Angeles area? I can help you with all your printing needs. Mention you are a member of the Executives' Association and receive a 10% discount!