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A message from our President - James Keichinger

It is my absolute pleasure and honour to serve as the 2023-2024 IEA President and I couldn’t be happier to welcome the entire IEA Family to Las Vegas, Nevada for the annual IEA Conference. We aim to provide an amazing time for everyone attending. With a focus on Association Growth, Business and Personal development sessions and speakers, Las Vegas will be a great host to accommodate our annual conference and invigorate attendees with insightful and helpful sessions that you can USE in your everyday life.

IEA October 2018 Ambassador Message

Thank you to the Executives Association of Charlotte for hosting the 2018 annual IEA conference.  A very suitable location for their theme of, “Race to Success".  Thanks to all of the Executive Association members and Executive Directors that made it to the conference this year.

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IEA September 2018 Ambassador Message

Is your association interested in increasing membership, member retention, increasing referrals and new marketing ideas?  These topics and others have been covered in our regional conference calls.

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IEA August 2018 Ambassador Message

Your membership profile on the IEA website has been upgraded to allow you to feature product and service offers for IEA members.  This new benefit is available to you at no cost. 

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IEA May 2018 Ambassador Message

Did you know that the Annual IEA Conference is designed to benefit IEA members and Executive Directors? 

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IEA April 2018 Ambassador Message

The March IEA member message shared how we are all benefiting from having our membership profiles on the IEA website linked to our company websites. 

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IEA March 2018 Ambassador Message

Contributed by Adam Broetje from Odd Dog Media and IEA Ambassador for Seattle Executives Association.

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