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IEA March 2018 Ambassador Message


  • The IEA Vision
    To be the world’s #1 leading resource for connecting member businesses.
  • The IEA Mission Statement
    To foster the growth of Executive Association businesses by connecting them to a trusted international network of contacts.

With the IEA website having quite a bit of authority due to its membership base, we are all benefitting in the form of improved Search Rankings that come with being mentioned on as an individual member. We are each listed in our chapter databases on the IEA website and have a member profile where we can list details about our companies.   In the SEO space, companies pay hundreds of dollars a year for a benefit like this and it's yours for only $15/year as a member.  But the benefits continue.  There are a few other ways in which you can utilize the IEA website to drive traffic and business for your companies:People forget statistics, names and events but they remember stories. Share your story with us and make it interesting. You can also include a visual image. Here are some idea starters:

  1. Build a relationship through IEA and write a success story. We feature these on the website as they're a great tool for recruiting new associations & members. The more creative you are about how you engage IEA, the more interesting the story is and the more other associations will reference it.
  2. Leverage the IEA Banner Ads. A number of companies have seen success in driving both traffic and business from cities outside their own organization. We keep members coming back to the IEA website on a regular basis with our email updates and this is the best way to ensure you're in front of them.

Give back.  IEA is only as strong as the support it receives.  We are crafting some new web-friendly logos that you can use on your own websites to showcase your membership in IEA.  Stay tuned…we encourage all members to take a few minutes and have it added to your own websites.

Send your submission to the IEA office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I am looking forward to reading your story!

Lisa Woodstock, President, International Executives Association Board of Directors
Seattle Executives Association