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IEA November 2017 Ambassador Message


  • The IEA Vision
    To be the world’s #1 leading resource for connecting member businesses.
  • The IEA Mission Statement
    To foster the growth of Executive Association businesses by connecting them to a trusted international network of contacts.

At the Fort Lauderdale conference Todd Crawshaw the current President of the Executives Association of San Francisco shared an idea at our breakout regional meetings. He suggested that IEA members write their business or brand story and make them available for use on the IEA website. Executive Associations could also post these member stories on their local websites.

People forget statistics, names and events but they remember stories. Share your story with us and make it interesting. You can also include a visual image. Here are some idea starters:

  • How did your company start? What is your “once upon a time.”
  • Is there a story behind where your company’s name came from?
  • Did your company overcome adversity in its history?
  • What is your history? When did your company start and how has it evolved?
  • Is there any lore or traditional stories associated with your company/brand?
  • Are there historical events related to your products or services?
  • What inspired your company founder?

Send your submission to the IEA office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I am looking forward to reading your story!

Lisa Woodstock, President, International Executives Association Board of Directors
Seattle Executives Association