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IEA April 2017 Ambassador Message

Lights, Camera, Action!

  • The IEA Vision
    To be the world’s #1 leading resource for connecting member businesses
  • The IEA Mission Statement
    To foster the growth of Executive Association businesses by connecting them to a trusted International network of contacts

James Keichinger, an IEA board member from Calgary Executives Association, has created an app for the IEA that makes it easy to record video success stories and testimonials which are automatically uploaded to the IEA You Tube Channel. From there they can be easily shared. The app will be available soon in both iPhone and Android versions.

The IEA Networking Committee is looking for individuals that would like to provide a video story or testimonial that addresses one of the ways that IEA membership has benefited you. I have included a Top Ten List of ways to benefit from your IEA membership –and have heard stories from many of you that fall into this Top Ten List.

Your video will be posted on the IEA website which will give you and your company exposure to an international audience and it can also be shared on your association website. Showcasing your IEA affiliation on your association website, lends prestige and helps distinguish your association from other networking groups.

We are hoping that each association will have a least one participant. Who will be yours? My contact information is below.

Lisa Woodstock
IEA Past President | Seattle Executives Association
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.