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Hosted by Kelly Laverty  FocalPoint Business Coach and member of the Calgary Executives Association  

High-trust teams and organizations bring out the best in their people and get the greatest results. An absence of trust results in strained relationships with team members, difficulty inspiring confidence, and missed opportunities. In this webinar you’ll learn how leaders can embark on a transformative journey to become more trusted figures in their organizations. We will address the 8 Pillars of Trust that will make a meaningful and timely impact on your life and work

Kelly Laverty is a Certified Business Coach that has a passion for helping business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their full potential.  He teaches how to implement changes to enable growth and improved business management with proven concepts that can transition any business from its current state to what the business owner wants it to be.  Plans are developed in key areas related to achieving success, such as leadership, time management, goal setting.  Kelly has over 31 years of experience with some of Canada’s most successful organizations.