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Hosted by Brad Lohner Founder and Member of the Board of Priority Credit Management Corp. Member of Edmonton Executives Association

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Every company that allows customers time to pay an invoice needs to tune into this presentation. Brad will cover the top twelve warning signs that you may not get paid, and what steps you can take immediately after the presentation to reduce your risk and make objective decisions.

Invite your accounts receivable staff, sales team, and CFO to attend as well. 

Brad Lohner got into the credit industry in 1986 working for a national consumer Canadian debt recovery firm, and four years later became a partner. The firm grew from 24 people to over 300, when he left in 2005 to open his own practice specializing in b2b credit. In 2008, he purchased an American firm to help serve the North American marketplace. Today, he serves on the Board of his Canadian division , which was sold to his daughter, continues to manage the American operation, and provides credit management consulting services to Equifax. Brad has three independent adult children, and a few grand dogs.