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Tuesday June21, 2022
One Hour

Zoom Webinar
9am Hawaii Time, Noon Pacific, 1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern

Tuesday April 26, 2022

Safeguarding your Business

Hosted by Paul Michael Viollis, Sr., CEO of Viollis Group International

 Top 10 List

  • The evolution of Employee/contractor vetting 
  • Validating internal and external risks from Cyber compromise
  • Safeguarding intellectual capital 
  • Preemptively protecting Supply chain 
  • The ‘new normal’ requirements for acquisitional due diligence
  • Protecting human capital while traveling abroad during war time
  • Preemptively protecting the brand from cyber compromise
  • Understanding the business model of both the Deep Web and Dark Net
  • The required technology for detecting eavesdropping devices in your office, home or meeting venue
  • The most current requirements for assessing the physical security requirements at the work place

paul viollisPaul Viollis - Chief Executive Officer

Prior to assuming the Chief Executive position of Viollis Group International, Paul's professional business resume includes CEOof Risk Control Strategies; President & CEO of Corporate Risk Consulting; Senior Managing Director for Citigate Global Intelligence & Security; and Vice President at Kroll, where he served on their post-September 11th Threat Assessment Team.

Over Paul's storied career in both law enforcement and security, he developed a diverse base of skills in various areas of the criminal justice system, ranging from his position as supervisor for the New York County's District Attorney's Office's Criminal Court Unit, Security Specialist/Supervisor under the United States Space Command, and CO of a Florida State Police Academy. He is a renowned public speaker and has served as a subject matter expert in privateclient security, workplace violence, behavioral analysis, workplace security, counter-terrorism threat assessment, and is a Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist under the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board.

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