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Tuesday March 28, 2023
One Hour

Zoom Webinar
9am Hawaii Time, Noon Pacific, 1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern

Tuesday February 14, 2023

Stress! What business owners need to know and how Neurofeedback can help!

Hosted by Dr. Danielle Chavalarias

A good team is the solution to helping your business thrive but what deprives us from building a great team, a great company, a great culture, and a profitable picture?

  • Stress puts you and your team under pressure. Tight deadlines and unforeseen problems increase the stress, which kills your ability to be creative and think outside the box.
  • Studies show people are working more hours and producing less.
  • Mental health is falling, business owners and employees feel routinely overwhelmed and sad.

It doesn't have to be this way! Just imagine:

  • Working at your highest potential with your work stress gone
  • Thinking more creatively/breakthrough ideas
  • Making better business decisions
  • Imagine your business as an industry leader

Lisa Jordan

Dr. Danielle Chavalarias

Dr. Danielle is the CEO of InnerOptimal, Inc., her Encinitas healing center for helping people improve their Brain Power and build happier, more satisfying lives. InnerOptimal is built on Danielle’s 35+ years of experience.

Danielle was educated at the D’Hygiene Naturelle Institute founded by Biologist P.V. Marchesseau in Paris, France. In 1982, she received a degree in Docteur Naturopathe and Psycho-Somatic (Psycho-Trauma). Upon further study, in 2010, she earned the Advanced Certification in Zengar Neuroptimal (Cutting Edge Concepts and Advanced Strategies for NeuroFeedback).

In her native France, from 1988 – 2000, Danielle established and managed a successful healing retreat center. Concurrently, she built and managed a non-profit/NGO (Non-Governmental-Organization) in Africa to support the development of remote villages in Senegal (North and South Senegal, Casamance). This non-profit still functions today in Togo where Dr. Danielle sponsors children to go to school.  

Before her work in Senegal, she created publishing houses, both in Paris and the southwest of France, to recover and publish dormant ancient wisdom books and contemporary research. Her awareness of the potential for the application of this research led to her organization publishing the first magazine in Paris about quantum physics studies (in the 70s). 

In 2006, she co-created InnerOptimal to bring advances in neurofeedback to North San Diego County residents. From 2007-2013, as part of InnerOptimal’s services, she co-created and co-directed a non-profit program, “Operation Giving Back”, for Veterans returning from war experiencing heavy PTSD. Since 2015, she has been helping poor families in Tijuana as well as regularly volunteering with the Encinitas Rotary Club.