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Tuesday March 16, 2021
One Hour

Zoom Webinar
10am Hawaii Time, Noon Pacific, 1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern

Tuesday September 15, 2020

High-Performance Leadership in a Changing World

DSBPresented by Doug Beckley

Engaging employees in times of change or stress makes proven leadership practices more critical than ever – and requires the adaption of these practices in innovative, and often virtual ways.


  • Understand the drivers and detractors of employee engagement
  • Understand and the four practices of highly effective leaders
  • Learn the relationship between engagement, performance and organization results
  • Learn how to connect people with a mission and provide compelling expectations
  • Empower people with the skills and resources needed to make them successful
  • Learn how to effectively provide feedback and communicate to improve performance
  • Understand how to hold employees accountable for results

Doug Beckley is a management consultant, business advisor and CEO coach. A native Las Vegan, Doug founded The Beckley Group in 2000. Under his leadership, The Beckley Group has created success and boosted profitability for numerous well-known Southern Nevada organizations from a variety of industries as well as the public and the non-profit sector. Doug has been the owner of several prosperous businesses including the most successful multi-center UPS Store franchise in Nevada, and along with his family, the famous Pioneer Club casino.  Doug has been an active member of the local community, serving as Chair of the Nevada Community Foundation and President of the Las Vegas Executives Association