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Independent Executive Director, Thirty One Gifts

Home Decor / Giftable Items
13 Thames Street
St. Thomas , ON
Canada N5R 4L5
Vanessa Holmes-Bell
Independent Executive Director
I offer more than a pink box and a bag. My passion is to Empower everyone in my circle to be everything they can ream to be. I offer organizational solutions, gift giving options as well as business opportunities! Thirty One Gifts is a Direct Selling company that offers woman the opportunity to follow their dreams. 90% of our items can be personalized with embroidery or laser etching. There are so many options to choose from - organizational totes, thermals, travel accessories, purses, wallets, jewelry and home decor. It is my pleasure to help you find the perfect gift or organizing solution today!
For every $40 you spend as a customer, there is a monthly special. Please contact me directly for details.