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Tuesday August 17, 2021
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Tuesday September 15, 2020
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5 Ways to Support Your Immune System

Sharon Fast, RD – is a registered dietitian who uses a food as medicine approach to empower you to understand the root cause of imbalances in your body. She uses current science for a functional, integrative approach to healing and supporting optimal health. 

Her areas of expertise include:  gut/digestive health, hormonal health, adrenal health, body composition support and nutrition for chronic disease. 

Beyond Push, Pull or Drag

Roger Friesen, BRS, BA. M.Sc – To live a truly vibrant life, we need a holistic approach.  In addition to physical health, we need to also pay attention to mental and emotional health. 

Roger Friesen BRS, BA. M.Sc began his life as a professor at University of Manitoba in 1992 and shortly thereafter moved to University of the Fraser Valley where he has held the position of Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology for the past 26 years. Roger has been working as a performance psychology consultant for the past 29 years with many National and Olympic teams and athletes. This has involved working with athletes in preparation for Olympic, Commonwealth and Pan Am Games, as well as many world championships. Roger has also worked with professional athletes and teams most recently as sport psychology consultant with the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League.

Over the years, Roger’s work as a sport psychology consultant has also included work in the corporate community as well as with the performing arts – musicians, actors and ballet. In addition, 24 years ago, Roger’s work in the field of sport psychology took another interesting turn – in a new domain – Adventure Tourism. Roger has worked closely with two Heli-Ski operations as well as many mountain guides, applying the skills of sport psychology to this high stress profession. 

The work with the Heli-Ski operations opened yet another door, that being BC Paramedics.  Roger has worked closely with the Advanced Care Paramedics in developing curriculum and teaching courses in leadership, communication and stress management skills over a 15 year stretch. 

When not teaching or working with various groups, Roger spends his time in the wilderness either in the mountains, or on the ocean sailing – applying personally the skills of sport psychology.

Changing Metabolism Through Exercise

Yoshia Burton, M.Sc, B.Kin – Understanding how different types of movement and exercise affect our metabolism and what we can do to control it. 

Yoshia Burton, M.Sc, B.Kin, is the owner of 2 personal training studios that are a part of multi- disciplinary health care clinics and employs 18 Kinesiologists. He has a 17-year background working with university level and professional athletics. Yoshia has completed his bachelors in Kinesiology and his masters in Sport and Performance Psychology and has founded an Athlete Performance Academy in partnership with the local school district.