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2019 Edmonton, AB, Canada

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2019 IEA Conference - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

IEA Group photo taken by Bill Hill

Edmonton, September 11-13, 2019 we celebrated, learned, and connected with the membership of one of IEA’s largest and most robust chapters. Our conference focused on Make it Personal, with emphasis on all aspects of the busy executive’s life – Self, Family, and Business. Our chapter and our city pride ourselves on our relational, community-minded spirit, and the 2019 IEA Conference shared that mindset with the broader IEA community.

Our conference featured networking, learning, off-site experiences, and a range of opportunities to engage with and get to know your fellow participants.  We look forward to hosting you!

Conference Program *Updated!*

Have a look at the full conference agenda including social events, keynotes, round table discussions, breakout sessions and more. 


2019 iea conference edmonton


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