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Woodstock Media Group

On Hold Marketing/Business Music
5521 100th Street SW
Lakewood , WA
United States 98499
(253) 433-3217
(800) 864-6828
(253) 566-1709
Lisa Woodstock
Vice President
Woodstock Media Group is the industry leader in the development and production of customized on hold advertising, marketing and music services for the telephone environment. Our carefully crafted and professionally produced on hold programs place your messages at the critical point of contact with those that call your business. Working in all industries and throughout North America, we serve businesses of all types and sizes and can assist with everything from copy development, voicing, and production to installation–whether a one-location business or one with hundreds of locations spread out geographically. In addition to having a wonderfully diverse offering of multi-language broadcast talent for on hold messaging, voice mail and auto attendant/IVR prompts, WMG offers in-office music, messaging, and video signage for businesses of all types and sizes.