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Time Equipment Company

Time and Attendance Systems
606 120th Ave. NE #D-201
Bellevue , WA
United States 98005
(425) 861-5889
John Brondello
Located in the front office of Time Equipment is a vintage mechanical time clock, pendulum driven! This was the first piece of equipment sold by John Brondello Sr., the founder of Time Equipment Company. This sale took place in 1928. The clock was returned to us by the original customer as a timeless reminder for the generations to follow. Son Jack Brondello carried on the company's founding principles until his retirement. 3rd generation family members regard the clock as a visual reminder that the company was founded on basic but essential principles, give the customers what they need, and give each and every purchaser superb customer service. Today, over eighty years later, John Brondello III, president and grandson of the founder, continues to adhere to those founding principles. Even though technology has changed, our commitment to quality remains. Whether the company size, we have the selection and experience to meet their time-keeping needs.