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Beck Antiques & Estate Services

10447-124 St
Edmonton , AB
Canada T5N 1R7
Clinton Beck
Beck Antiques & Jewellery was founded by world famous appraiser, auctioneer and treasure hunter Clinton Beck. Clinton is one of Canada's top antique appraisers and is an expert at finding treasures. Beck's is known for their amazing treasures and service. Today Beck Antiques is the largest antique dealer in Western Canada with 3 locations. His staff are expert appraisers and can appraise all types of antiques, coins, currencies art and all types of treasures. We have our own gemological laboratory, Beck Gemological Laboratory so we also appraise antique jewellery and watches. If you are buying or selling antiques and treasures, you will always have an exceptional experience at Beck Antiques.
We are a member of Rappaport International Diamond Exchange so if you need access to wholesale diamonds please reach out and we can hook you up bigtime. Call or text me 780-966-1930 Clinton Beck.