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Doug de Nance

Voice Work
121 Hawktree Green NW
Calgary , AB
Canada T3G 3P9
Doug de Nance
voice over talent

When he speaks, it’s an event™

Doug de Nance is a most unique talent with an award winning history in two distinct voice work disciplines.  Doug regularly records voice over projects for clients around the world while also performing consistently as a live event announcer - most notably (or notoriously) as the voice of monster truck shows. As a result, Doug provides his clients a skill set not typically found in voice over alone – a thoroughly experienced, well trained voice over professional combined with a live announcer’s abilities to quickly adapt and dramatize.

Low maintenance and highly conscientious, Doug makes voice work easy, effective and efficient for his clients and that keeps them coming back again and again.  Working from professionally equipped ISDN compatible and phone patch capable private and portable studios, Doug can deliver top quality dry voice North American English audio files in any format through his secure FTP site, typically within 24 hours. Doug’s voice versatility has served thousands of projects.  Ranging from commercials to narration to animation, Doug’s recent clients include Fed-Ex, Wal-Mart, Standard Life, United Safety, Much Music and Monster Jam.