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CanMediate International

Conflict Management Consultant
43 Oberon St.
Ottawa , ON
Canada K2H 7X6
Ruth Sirman
Healthy workplaces and engaged employees = greater productivity and profitability! As an entrepreneur, employer, leader or manager knowing how to read the subtle cues that competitors may miss can give you a competitive edge. It can be difficult to identify what is really going on and what factors are contributing to the conflict or the problem. Have a recurring issue or problem that just doesn't respond to efforts to fix it? We work with you to help identify the root causes of what is going on - which can avoid investing $$$, time, energy and resources solving the wrong problems! Ruth works internationally with leadership and management teams to learn to read the behind-the-scenes dynamics and conflict indicators that will help you keep your interventions on track and more effective. As a multi-faceted scientist, speaker, mediator and organizational systems consultant, she has been helping executives and leaders at all levels in organizations successfully navigate complex, thorny conflicts since 1996. She has learned to integrate her scientific training and experience with her Alternative Dispute Resolution / mediator skills and her knowledge of organizational systems and human interactions to create processes and strategies that can help you get to the root of the problems you are facing. When Ruth works with your group, her guarantee is that your people will have the opportunity to learn new ways to look at old problems... and greater understanding of why those problems continue to be problematic. As one engineer in a manufacturing plant said after 90 minutes of listening to Ruth discuss how their system was working "Thank you, thank you, thank you... that makes more sense than anything we've discussed so far..." Up until that point this person had uttered a single word during the discussions. Her knowledge of human behaviour, her quick wit and humour based down home practicality have made her a much sought after international speaker, consultant, trainer and mediator.