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Members of Detroit Executives Association

AHC Advisors PLLC
Ferndale, MI United States
Certified Public Accountant
Tony Hawkins
Annabel Reese
Birmingham, MI United States
Elana Hopman
Printing - business cards, brochures, booklets, banners, posters, publications
Don Kirland
BBC Title
Royal Oak
Title Insurance
Bat Seymour
Bravo Payment Systems
Farmington Hills
Payment systems
John Kassa
Cabinetry by Better Bilt
Mt. Clemens, MI United States
Cabinets & Counter Tops
Andrea Yeip
Clark Hill PLC
Birmingham, MI United States
Tom MacFarlane
Comprehensive Payroll Co.
Fraser, MI United States
Payroll Services
Chris Ingoglia
Conner Park Florist
St. Clair Shores, MI United States
John Adamo
Corporate Fleet Services Inc.
Highland Park, MI United States
Auto Leasing/Car & Truck Leasing
Michael Stevens
Dan Wood Plumbing&Heating Serv
Novi, MI United States
Plumbing/Heating/Air Conditioning
Al Wood
Detroit Executives Association
Detroit, MI United States
Executive Director
Kat Brown
Direct Jewelry Services
Troy, MI United States
Jewelry Sales
Carol Cianciolo
Discovery Business Systems Inc
Shelby Township, MI United States
Advertising Specialties
Sam Giannola
Diversity and Inclusion Coach
Lorenzo Sewell
First Merchants Bank
Detroit, MI United States
Banking Services
Brandon Daniels
Detroit, MI United States
Telephone Cost Specialists
Mark Stackpoole
Guaranteed Furniture Services
Berkley, MI United States
Furniture Restoration
Dave Kosdrosky
Impakt Digigtal
Detroit, MI United States
Digital Marketing/Website Design
Marshal Simons
IV Your Service
Transportation Services
Brittney Grady-Benson