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Members of Executives Association of Rhode Island

Astro of New England, LLC
Exeter, RI United States
Moving and Storage
Mike Carolla
Advertising/Marketing/Design Agency
Cathy Corelli Chianese
Century 21 Shoreline Properties
Warwick, RI United States
Residential Real Estate
Rachel McNally
CSC Paymaster, Inc.
Warwick, RI United States
Payroll Director
Jason Giglietti
Isaksen Solar
Fall River, MA United States
Solar Energy
Chris Johnson
Kingston Insurance Agency
South Kingstown, RI United States
Commercial Insurance
Doug Guilbert
Music Express, Inc.
Cranston, RI United States
DJ Entertainment
Mike Sarenson
RWL General Contractors
Pawtucket, RI United States
General Contractor
Kevin LeBlanc
Disaster Restoration
Mike Pomeranz
Verified Financials, LLC
Warwick, RI United States
Jason Khoury
Washington Trust
Wellesley, MA United States
Banking Institution, Mortgage Lending
Charlie Gomes