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Members of Executives Association of Rhode Island

Astro of New England, LLC
Exeter, RI United States
Moving and Storage
Mike Carolla
Advertising/Marketing/Degisn Agency
Cathy Corelli Chianese
Communications Unlimited Inc.
Warwick, RI United States
Business Telephone Equipment
Frank Carparco
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Providence, RI United States
Executive Director
Patrick Emond
Music Express, Inc.
Cranston, RI United States
Mike Sarenson
Parnagian & Marinelli
Warwick, RI United States
Attorney-Real Estate
Jason Marinelli
Province Mortgage Associates
East Providence, RI United States
Mortgage Originator
James Bethune
RWL General Contractors
Pawtucket, RI United States
General Contractor
Kevin LeBlanc
S. Roberts Specialty Co. Inc.
Warwick, RI United States
Advertising Specialties
Francey Nathan
Disaster Restoration
Mike Pomeranz
Sunnerds Solar
Providence, RI United States
Solar Broker
Larry Cicero
The Lawrence Agency
Lincoln, RI United States
Insurance Broker
Joshua Champagne
The Petreccia Group - Re/Max Advantage
Warwick, RI United States
Jennifer Petreccia
Verified Financials, LLC
Warwick, RI United States
Jason Khoury