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Lee Fossett


Executives Association of Palm Beaches


Lee Fossett


Express Employment Professionals


Employment Services

Express Employment Professionals has provided professional recruiting and temporary staffing services to companies across Palm Beach County since 1994. Beginning with light industrial staffing, the West Palm Beach office now also provides general office, call center, accounting, professional, managerial and sales recruiting. Express is truly a source of qualified staff for positions from the shipping dock to the President's desk. In addition, Express helps businesses with payroll processing and HR consulting services. Our network includes over 600 offices, each independently owned and operated by its owner. Taken together, the Express Personnel Services network is a billion-dollar, privately held staffing company. Having the resources of a billion-dollar corporation at our disposal allows us to provide our clients services such as risk management consulting, supervisory training, HR consulting and training. We have a comprehensive benefits package for our temporary associates, including health care coverage, 401k, payroll direct deposit and training programs. Barb and Lee Fossett have owned and operated the West Palm Beach franchise since its opening in 1994.