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How to Benefit from your IEA Membership

Make yourself and your Company known to the IEA Network

  • Your IEA membership gives you direct access to executive decision makers internationally. Visit other IEA member associations and attend the annual international conference and forge new business relationships and friendships. People refer and do business with people that they know, like and trust.

Use the IEA Network for Travel

  • Your IEA membership gives you instant connections for hotels, restaurants, retail, and car rental.
  • IEA members represent the highest standards of products, services and professionalism and are eager to do business and share information.

Use the IEA Network for Products and Services You Need Outside of Your Local Area

  • IEA members have utilized other association member firms for repairs needed on vacation homes.
  • IEA members have hired sub-contractors for their company projects by connecting with IEA members outside of their local area.
  • IEA members have found jobs for family members that have relocated to IEA association cities.

Your IEA Membership Expands Your Sphere of Influence

  • If each person has a sphere of influence that averages 250 people and there are 4,000 IEA member firms, that gives you a network of one million people. You can enrich your business relationships by tapping into your vast IEA Network to provide ideas and solutions that add real value to your relationship.

Use the IEA Network to Find New Members for Your Local Association

  • IEA members from national and international companies can facilitate introductions to their counterparts in other Association cities that are looking to fill that same classification.
  • IEA members have family and business associates in other cities that they can refer.
  • IEA members belong to trade and professional organizations and have peers in other cities.

Your IEA Membership Offers You the Opportunity for Global Peer to Peer Support

  • Connect with businesses in the same industry for advice and fresh ideas.

Your IEA Membership Gives You a Global Identity and International Prestige

  • Your IEA membership includes a member profile on the IEA website.
  • Displaying the IEA logo on your business communications conveys high standing and sets you apart from your competition and can perhaps start a conversation about your local association.

IEA Can Help You Market Your Business

  • Place an advertisement on the IEA website.
  • Attend the annual conference and explore referral opportunities with other IEA members.

Serve on an IEA Committee or the Board of Directors

  • Grow personally and professionally and develop relationships with other passionate and motivated individuals and make a difference in the International Executives Community.

Attend the Annual IEA Conference and Benefit Your Company and Your Association

  • Learn new ideas from special presentations and breakout sessions on popular business subjects.
  • Lean what other associations are doing to grow their membership, mentor and retain members, and increase quality leads and mutual business.