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Tom Broetje

I have a vacation residence in the Phoenix area and when we arrived for Thanksgiving we found out a window was broken. When I attended the IEA conference in Las Vegas, I met the new members from the Executives Association of Greater Phoenix. So instead of looking for a company online, I went to their website. I found ABC Glass Company and left them a message via the website. I had the owner return my call within an hour and someone came out the next day to measure the window. They replaced it on our next visit. It was great to work with someone who is a trusted resource. I looked over the other companies on the site and now plan to bring in their HVAC company Donley on my next visit to check on our system.  They have a robust membership and I look forward to working with more of their member companies.

I also passed along their website to a friend who is building a home in the area and my sister-in-law who lives there.

Tom Broetje
Seattle Execs